Organic, Hemp Protein
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Organic Hemp Protein

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Add healthy plant based hemp protein to your daily diet with CBD Sport’s organic hemp protein.
Easily accessible to the body without the adverse side affects of other protein supplements, it is ideal for developing strong muscle and can also be used for weight management by replacing high carb/high fat meals in a calorie controlled diet.
Boasting a deliciously nutty flavour, CBD Sport Hemp Protein is perfect for adding to shakes or smoothies.



Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Botanical Name                     Cannabis sativa L.

Country of Origin                  Romania

Shelf-life                                Minimum 12 months on delivery under correct storage conditions

Pack Weight                           500g

Storage Conditions Ambient: Cool, dark, dry conditions away from direct light

Allergen Declaration             Free from allergens or risk of allergen cross contamination as per Reg (EU) 1169/2011

Company                                CBD Sport

Accreditations                       FSSC22000, BRCv7 (+ AVM Traded Goods)

Certifications                         Organic, Kosher and Vegan


Ingredients Organic Hemp Protein Powder  

Recommended Daily Intake 40 g post-exercise, or 10 – 15 g throughout the

day for a protein hit

Description Bright green to green with shades of light

brown powder  

Organoleptic Attributes   Characteristic nutty flavour and aroma, free              

from foreign odours & flavours

Product Variation  This is an agricultural product; therefore, some batch variation may occur in; colour, flavour, odour, appearance due to growing conditions and seasonal variation

Irradiation This product is not irradiated

Foreign Matter Content       No more than 0.1%

This product is not genetically modified and does not contain any genetically modified material

Additional information

Nutritional Information and Instructions

nutritional information and instructions


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